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From: Alfred Stuart Urrutia <ledzep@d2.com>

> > *air guitars* What do your friends think of Satriani? In the
> > Surfing With the Alien might be the most influential rock album of all
> > (fave track here: "Always with Me, Always with You" - the uber-rock love
> > song)
> >
> Really?

Yup. I think that if you made up a list of albums here that made you want to
pick up an electric guitar (like me) - that would be the on everyone's list.
It's so widespread here.

Guitar playing is listed as one of the top five hobbies for youth today
here. But mainly acoustic - so Tuck Andress of Tuck & Patti is also high on
the list of guitar gods.

> Satriani is good. You can hear some of him in a couple of Vai's songs
> (Vai took lessons from Satriani).

You hear the live concert album where Satriani, Vai and someone I forgot
played on? That was good...'

> The only thing that I don't like sometimes
> is that he gets *too* melodic. He seems to be slowing down a little, like
> Eddie Van Halen though not nearly as pathetic.

Yup, Eddie "Eruption" himself. I hope I can still do that lick on my Strat
now - I haven't played a thing in a year and a half already.

 Darren Housholder, that guy I
> like a lot.

Eric Johnson was mentioned before - I loved his stuff as well. His
instructional tape is an electric guitar rite of passage... :)

Hmm... seems like nobody knows a thing about those Gundam cards...


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