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Federico Makabenta wrote:

> Heya,
> Depends. I like Van Morrison, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk and other types of
> music. Although you're right when you generalize them in bulk though. I
> can't stand Country Music as a whole 'cept for some good songs, also can't
> stand Jazz Fusion - but I do think Miles Davis' Bitches Brew is one of the
> best albums of all time.

Love good jazz fusion. But when I listen to that I'm interested in the drums
and bass, not really the guitar.

> *air guitars* What do your friends think of Satriani? In the Philippines,
> Surfing With the Alien might be the most influential rock album of all time
> (fave track here: "Always with Me, Always with You" - the uber-rock love
> song)

Really? Satriani is good. You can hear some of him in a couple of Vai's songs
(Vai took lessons from Satriani). The only thing that I don't like sometimes
is that he gets *too* melodic. He seems to be slowing down a little, like
Eddie Van Halen though not nearly as pathetic. Darren Housholder, that guy I
like a lot.


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