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Evan wrote:

> I don't classify things. Sorry. I can't describe sonics with words. If you
> want sound files, contact me.

Were you or were you not the one who said they were the most ferociously
inventive rock band? That is 3 classifications right there.

> Your cube mate (you in prison?) is partially right, but not much. Can used

Ha ha, some might say so. I'm at work. Digital Domain. We did Apollo 13,
Titanic and 5th Element, to name our bigger shows fx work. I sit in a room made
for 3 or 4 people that currently has 5 in it and used to have 6. But I wouldn't
trade it for anything right now. Well, maybe Angie Harmon and $10 million a

> tape loops and synthesizers at some later point in there career, but they
> didn't use them the same way kraftwerk did (4/4 beat driven stuff) or
> tangerine did (ambient soundscapes).

He didn't mean they were interchangeable, only that they all helped start what
became "electronica". They themselves might not be correctly classified as such
but there you are.

> I feel the bands diversity and all-around vibe can best be witnessed in
> "Mother Sky." In it is the impetus of free jazz guitar wandering in rock
> context, noise rock, drone, harsh noise, orchaestral percussion and more,
> all in one song, which is cohesive. Brilliant.

See? That's all I was asking for.

> It's a state law all texans must like Stevie. And albert king.

Eric Johnson, too, sometimes.

> I don't like much electronica. You seem pretty pissed and accusatory. I was
> in several "traditional" rock bands before I started doing this thing now,
> but I've always listened to all types of music.

No no, I seem pretty frustrated. Work having two machines crash on me. Also,
I've run into people before who refuse to describe their favorite coolest music
group because they're so "out there" *or* describe them in purely godlike terms
for every musical fill and direction they do. Then, when I hear the group, I say
something like "That sounds like if X were playing music written by Y played like
Z." and they say "Ya, sort of. Isn't it fucking amazing?" I have never run into
a group, described as you have described Can, that has ended up being as
undescribeable as first claimed. Like saying it's like a snake trying to
describe the color infrared to a human. *That* is undescribeable.

> Godflesh gothrock? I'll tell them that next time we're playing with them.
> Should be pretty funny... I relate them more to noise rock (big black,
> jesus lizard, killdozer...)

Never heard of them, just going by those who listen to them.


"Isn't that a bit racialist?"

- Ali G., on most anything

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