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on the Philippines:

> PS: Gundam really popular there?

Wing was very popular to all when it showed - (late '98 I think)

 Talk about a hunger for a mecha series since the last one that made an
impact here (Robotech & Macross - waaayy back in 85-87)

G Gundam - popular with kids - toys practically fly off the shelves. No G
Gundam 1/144 to be found anywhere.

Other Gundams - 8th MS team with Otaku, but even then an acquired taste.
0083 is a favorite but not in general circulation.

UC Gundams in general - we are an isolated bunch -_-;

> How do you see it? Subbed? Dubbed into
> Tagalog?

Wing and G were dubbed into Tagalog - quite poorly I might add. But popular
nonetheless. I didn't bother watching these versions.

Subbed - all Animevillage english dubs + some fansubs in English. All
available ones are widespread - most popular for general otaku are 0083 and
8th MS team. 0079 movies are around here - but to only those who are really
interested in them (like moi *sniff*). 0080, 1st 20 episodes of Zeta Gundam
9(fansub), Char's Counterattack are the only ones in circulation as fansubs.

I've personally seen all of 0079 (as a small kid on Beta) TV + movies.
Zeta's 1st 15 episodes, Wing Gundam, Char's, 8th MS, 0080, 0083.


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