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>Uh, yes, I would. I've heard almost everything else. If you insist that
>be subclassified as some form of rock music, then this comparison, however
>unfair to the glorious wonderment that Can is, will help.

I don't classify things. Sorry. I can't describe sonics with words. If you
want sound files, contact me.

>> I once described them as "what if pink floyd weren't pompous, bloated, and
>> boring?"
>Well, that's a start, although telling me what they aren't isn't quite what
>I was hoping for. There must be some way for you to describe it. Tell me in
>terms of how the music is written or something. I have just been informed by
>my cube mate here that Can (if it's the same group) was one of the
pioneers of
>electronica, along with Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk and a couple others.
>Now, *that* makes more sense to me. Kraut Rock, as he calls it. Not so
>"inventive" as all that and very describeable.

Your cube mate (you in prison?) is partially right, but not much. Can used
tape loops and synthesizers at some later point in there career, but they
didn't use them the same way kraftwerk did (4/4 beat driven stuff) or
tangerine did (ambient soundscapes).

I feel the bands diversity and all-around vibe can best be witnessed in
"Mother Sky." In it is the impetus of free jazz guitar wandering in rock
context, noise rock, drone, harsh noise, orchaestral percussion and more,
all in one song, which is cohesive. Brilliant.

"Electronica?" Nope. That's more for stolid dance music. "Kraut rock" is
another vague descriptor as it was tagged onto every band that came out of
germany in that period... faust, neu!, kraftwerk, can, organisation, et al.
Not many common traits shared by those bands.

>> If it means anything, I dislike the majority of those bands with a passion.
>> Heh.

>Yes, virtuoso musicians are not for everybody. I can see how someone who
>likes the electronica mode of music would be uninspired by traditional rock
>groups and players, although the two guys I work with who both like that kind
>of music also seem to appreciate Vai, Stevie Ray, Malmsteen, etc. Maybe
>they're a little more open minded about music.

I think Wagner was a virtuoso, and I like him. I don't think most of those
artists mentioned reach the same high points as say Coltrane, Haino, or
Coleman however, but that's my opinion... an admittedly whacked one at
that. :)

It's a state law all texans must like Stevie. And albert king.

I don't like much electronica. You seem pretty pissed and accusatory. I was
in several "traditional" rock bands before I started doing this thing now,
but I've always listened to all types of music.

>These are groups, not album titles, yes? Godflesh and Swans are both
>gothrock. I assume the rest are similar. Would Can be anywhere in the
>vicinity of these?

Nope. First Swans album, Filth, is a great one. Monolithic percussion and
seething monotone baritone vocals. All the rest? Not for me...

Godflesh gothrock? I'll tell them that next time we're playing with them.
Should be pretty funny... I relate them more to noise rock (big black,
jesus lizard, killdozer...)



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