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> I have just been informed by
> my cube mate here that Can (if it's the same group) was one of the
pioneers of
> electronica, along with Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk and a couple others.
> Now, *that* makes more sense to me. Kraut Rock, as he calls it. Not so
> "inventive" as all that and very describeable.

Wow, I love Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream (I also loved the way Afrika
Bambaataa sampled them for his albums). I'll look for that Can stuff. I
don't think it's called Kraut Rock - there was a term used that I completely

> > >Damn! This list is filled with folks who dig the same stuff I do! :)
> > (hope >I didn't interrupt).

Amen. Don't you think that Gundam fans are a bit more well rounded in
general? I've never met a Gundam fan that wasn't worldly.

> > If it means anything, I dislike the majority of those bands with a
> > Heh.
> Yes, virtuoso musicians are not for everybody.

Yup. I tried unsuccessfully to introduce Zappa to my friends... -_-;

> I can see how someone who
> likes the electronica mode of music would be uninspired by traditional
> groups and players,

Depends. I like Van Morrison, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk and other types of
music. Although you're right when you generalize them in bulk though. I
can't stand Country Music as a whole 'cept for some good songs, also can't
stand Jazz Fusion - but I do think Miles Davis' Bitches Brew is one of the
best albums of all time.

> although the two guys I work with who both like that kind
> of music also seem to appreciate Vai, Stevie Ray, Malmsteen, etc. Maybe
> they're a little more open minded about music.

*air guitars* What do your friends think of Satriani? In the Philippines,
Surfing With the Alien might be the most influential rock album of all time
(fave track here: "Always with Me, Always with You" - the uber-rock love

> > Gundam music? Godflesh, Suicide, Swans, Zeni Geva, Main, Merzbow,

For the cartoons? Hmm. Nothing comes to mind - and to think I want to go
into filmmaking...

cya around music lovers!,


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