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Evan wrote:

> At 05:16 PM 1/26/00 -0800, you wrote:
> >
> >More. I need you to be more vague. Name a group that someone would
> mistake them
> >for. Ozric Tentacles? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Zappa? What?
> To be more vague? You mean specific?
> You need to hear Can to understand them. You wouldn't confuse anybody or
> anything with them...

Uh, yes, I would. I've heard almost everything else. If you insist that they
be subclassified as some form of rock music, then this comparison, however
unfair to the glorious wonderment that Can is, will help.

> I once described them as "what if pink floyd weren't pompous, bloated, and
> boring?"

Well, that's a start, although telling me what they aren't isn't quite what
I was hoping for. There must be some way for you to describe it. Tell me in
terms of how the music is written or something. I have just been informed by
my cube mate here that Can (if it's the same group) was one of the pioneers of
electronica, along with Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk and a couple others.
Now, *that* makes more sense to me. Kraut Rock, as he calls it. Not so
"inventive" as all that and very describeable.

> >Damn! This list is filled with folks who dig the same stuff I do! :)
> (hope >I didn't interrupt).
> If it means anything, I dislike the majority of those bands with a passion.
> Heh.

Yes, virtuoso musicians are not for everybody. I can see how someone who
likes the electronica mode of music would be uninspired by traditional rock
groups and players, although the two guys I work with who both like that kind
of music also seem to appreciate Vai, Stevie Ray, Malmsteen, etc. Maybe
they're a little more open minded about music.

> >p.s. hey, Evan, can you get Can on CD now?
> Yeah. Mute reissued some of their best discs (start with Tago Mago). Loop
> also covered them.
> Gundam music? Godflesh, Suicide, Swans, Zeni Geva, Main, Merzbow, Aube...

These are groups, not album titles, yes? Godflesh and Swans are both
gothrock. I assume the rest are similar. Would Can be anywhere in the
vicinity of these?


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