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Federico Makabenta wrote:

> That would be me... :)
> What I said by "bridge" though meant specifically for Gundam or anything
> that doesn't use a book as a medium. I think that anything that makes it to
> radio, TV and movies where one has to surmount viewer/listener gap in
> understanding for a medium where your audience can leave you in a second and
> switch to something else. Hardcore military sci-fi would have been too much
> for the average viewer in Japan - or would have gotten the wrong target
> audience (they do have to sell those kewl toys!).

This would be the chicken and egg theory of current crap movies. We need
better movies but our main audience is too stupid to follow good stories.
Well, the solution is, don't offer them an idiotic alternative - make all the
movies tighter and better written. If the dummies in the audience don't get
it, tough. And, just maybe, watching nothing but well-thought out and acted
movies will actually educate them a little bit.

> When I compared it LOTR, I really found that Gundam's presentation was
> similar in that it presented to you not just a concept to sell - but an
> entire sweeping epic that has so many elements. I thought that it was
> similar to LOTR in terms of presenting that grand scope.

I can see that.

> Nice point. But I think that's similar to the effect of dinosaurs. Great
> stories that have an enhanced personal effect on us because it actually
> happened in the past. World War I wasn't as gripping 'cept for those great
> dogfights in planes. Trench warfare somehow wasn't too appealing for me...
> :)

Or to the infantrymen who managed to survive. It was a gentleman's war, at
least in the air. That intrigues me as that mentality slowly disappeared as
more wars arrived.

> Then again, no more mecha models... *sigh*

Why not? There are plenty of WWII models. No kids, no love stories. Plenty
of models. It's all about how it's packaged.

> Alfred: Oh yeah, you a Zep fan too? I can't ever leave for the countryside
> without listening to Black Dog at least once to keep me sane...

Ripping Zeppelin cds right now so that I can hear them at work without having
to remember to bring them in. Man, I hate MP3 but I'll put up with through our
crappy speakers in here.


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