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From: Alfred Stuart Urrutia <ledzep@d2.com>

Also, I don't get something in the comments from one
> of the replies to the original email - that we should give thanks to the
> inclusion of Amuro in Gundam because that made the Gundam series
"accessible" and
> that no one could take the story without Amuro the first time.

That would be me... :)

What I said by "bridge" though meant specifically for Gundam or anything
that doesn't use a book as a medium. I think that anything that makes it to
radio, TV and movies where one has to surmount viewer/listener gap in
understanding for a medium where your audience can leave you in a second and
switch to something else. Hardcore military sci-fi would have been too much
for the average viewer in Japan - or would have gotten the wrong target
audience (they do have to sell those kewl toys!).

When I compared it LOTR, I really found that Gundam's presentation was
similar in that it presented to you not just a concept to sell - but an
entire sweeping epic that has so many elements. I thought that it was
similar to LOTR in terms of presenting that grand scope.

> That's nuts. I
> live for stories like that. That's how history has been written. The
story of
> WWII is more than accessible, even though it has never been related to me
> terms of the affects on the children or through the point of view of a
> kid.

Nice point. But I think that's similar to the effect of dinosaurs. Great
stories that have an enhanced personal effect on us because it actually
happened in the past. World War I wasn't as gripping 'cept for those great
dogfights in planes. Trench warfare somehow wasn't too appealing for me...

> Including a kid in "Starship Troopers" would have made it crap, by the
> sort of like the movie version. Heinlein wrote a great backstory about a
> version of the future and its affects on society. The bug hunt part of it
> almost secondary. No more kids for kids' sake in stories!

Then again, no more mecha models... *sigh*

Alfred: Oh yeah, you a Zep fan too? I can't ever leave for the countryside
without listening to Black Dog at least once to keep me sane...


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