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> >
> >>
> >> It's great to see that they're not shafting us, the fans that is. But
> >> bad news? They assume we all won't be out partying on a saturday
night... I
> >> better learn to set my VCR! :)
> >
> >You're telling me. I was soo relieved. ALthough, I still feel antsy at
> idea that tons of kids, parents, and other people will see the edited
> version of GW and think it to be the real thing.
> They'll find out later if they're really into it or really assertive.
> fans are pretty much like that...
> >Hah hah. Better get that VCR manual out.
> Or convince my brother's girlfriend who tapes things all the time to hook
> me up.
> >>
> >> Seems AV, though light on the kind of goodies that I'd dig (animego
> >> releases some pretty cool swag for their shows), are pretty good when
> >> comes to the presentation of their material!
> >
> >Yeah, I have to agree. ANime Village did a splendid job on Coboy Bebop,
> the original Mobile Suit Gundam, etc. They've got strong subtitlers, so I
> think we can expect the subbed unedited GW VHS and DVDs to be top-notch.
> I'm glad AV doesn't slack the way VIZ and ADV do. It's pretty sad for VIZ
> and ADV when fansubbers do a more professional job. Don't you think we
> should urge some of our favorite fansubbers to go commercial? heh heh.
> I noted an error in some of the subbing in Gundam movie one. ADV's subs
> always seemed ok... they used to run the anime club here so we'd see
> stuff before release. Test audience I guess...

The Gundam movie 1 sub doesn''t have nearly as many fucks as the Gundam dub.
Your anime club also failed to point out some of the sub flubs for
Evangelion's volume 12.


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