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>Justin Palmer wrote:
>> Hope you enjoyed your stay. Sorry we couldn't arrange better
>> weather, but its the price we pay for not having our homes periodically
>Hey I come back to -7C temperature with high wind in Toronto. So I have
>enough of you Brits complaining about -2C with a few drops of rain. I
>almost jump back in the plane and ask them to take me back to Europe.

        Heh heh. You do know, of course, that we Brits wouldn't have
anything else to talk about if we couldn't talk about the weather? ^_^
>> Did I mention FPs nickname is Foreboding Prices? ^_^ Did you
>> get/see anything you liked?
>FP London got a lot of stuffs you don't see in FP NYC. Some scifi
>literature books, some art and design books. great selection of stuffs.
>Saw a few Gundam film comics and art books. But I also notice that >80%
>of the shop is imported stuff (US, EU, Japan), I was expecting to see more
>of Judge Dredd, Wallace and Gromit etc.

        Wallace and Gromit is regarded as "mainstream" over here - quite
a cultural difference, isn't it?! - and is generally available from most
mass market outlets. Judge Dredd, too, to a lesser extent, again, I
guess hes much easier to get hold of here.

> I got an Appleseed manga from
>their discount bin for 3 quids. There are some items in the 50% off bin
>that are more expensive than the regular retail price in Toronto.
        *sob* My family has some friends in Canada, they might be
visiting here soon. Might send them a rather unique shopping list. ^_^
Still, I did once see a copy of Johnny Destiny, Space Ninja in FPs
bargain bin once. I was too embarrassed to buy it... ^_^

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