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Neil Baumgardnerwrites,

> BTW, I was looking at the MSV RGC-80 GM Cannon and RGM-79SC Sniper Custom in
> my MS Enyclopedia when I discovered something. You know that 'new' beam rifle
> that comes with the MG Quel kit? Its a recycled design, the same one used by
> the MSV RGC-80 and RX-77-3! The Sniper Custom's sniper rifle is a modified
> version of it. Well, aside from some continuity problems (why is the Quel
> using a four year old beam rifle), hmm, Quel Sniper anyone?

  <laffs> Actually, it's kind of the opposite - these are seven-year-old
suits with modern beam rifles. When the GM Cannon, GM Sniper Custom, et al
showed up in Z Gundam, they were re-armed with GM II beam rifles. The
original MSVs were equipped with beam spray guns and antique One Year
War-era beam weapons. The GM Quell, since it predates the GM II, is
presumably the first mobile suit to use this rifle.

> BTW, Mark, or anyone, any word on that info from the Quel kit booklet I was
> looking for?

  Sorry, haven't had a chance to translate the photo captions.

-- Mark

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