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> << Picked up Starship Troopers the book in the rush getting out of Toronto.
> Finished it between the flights, trains, buses and the Tube. Ugh, it's a
> pretty mediocre book. It's interesting to see what ideas in Gundam was
> borrowed from this book, but otherwise I wouldn't have finished it.
> Here is one of those "classic" that didn't stand up to the test of time. >>

> AHHHH!!! I loved the book, and read it 29 times... and wrote my own
> mechanized unit warfare book... Only instead of just the small mobile suits,
> I had the small suits piloting the large suits... interesting idea ^_~

Ha ha, that's how I reacted, too. I haven't read it in a while but I've read
Hammer's Slammers series and the Falkenberg's Legion series about 4 times each.
Sure it's a mediocre book, sure. The *movie* was a piece of shit minus the bugs,
but the book is beautiful. Also, I don't get something in the comments from one
of the replies to the original email - that we should give thanks to the
inclusion of Amuro in Gundam because that made the Gundam series "accessible" and
that no one could take the story without Amuro the first time. That's nuts. I
live for stories like that. That's how history has been written. The story of
WWII is more than accessible, even though it has never been related to me in
terms of the affects on the children or through the point of view of a specific
kid. Including a kid in "Starship Troopers" would have made it crap, by the way,
sort of like the movie version. Heinlein wrote a great backstory about a facist
version of the future and its affects on society. The bug hunt part of it was
almost secondary. No more kids for kids' sake in stories!


"Isn't that a bit racialist?"

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