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Wed, 26 Jan 2000 13:50:24 -0500 (EST)

Justin Palmer wrote:
> Hope you enjoyed your stay. Sorry we couldn't arrange better
> weather, but its the price we pay for not having our homes periodically

Hey I come back to -7C temperature with high wind in Toronto. So I have
enough of you Brits complaining about -2C with a few drops of rain. I
almost jump back in the plane and ask them to take me back to Europe.

> Did I mention FPs nickname is Foreboding Prices? ^_^ Did you
> get/see anything you liked?

FP London got a lot of stuffs you don't see in FP NYC. Some scifi
literature books, some art and design books. great selection of stuffs.
Saw a few Gundam film comics and art books. But I also notice that >80%
of the shop is imported stuff (US, EU, Japan), I was expecting to see more
of Judge Dredd, Wallace and Gromit etc. I got an Appleseed manga from
their discount bin for 3 quids. There are some items in the 50% off bin
that are more expensive than the regular retail price in Toronto.

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