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Jorge asks,

> Were the G and GS types GMs used in Blue Destiny?

  In the video game, I recall they use the GS type in place of the regular
GM throughout the series.

> Using the manga as reference, the first sets of GMs appears to be
> standard GMs with 08MST style shoulder hard points and no beam sabers.
> As for the second set of GMs, there is a close up of the four back
> thrusters and the positions of these thrusters matches the RGM-79D
> Arctic GM.

  Yep, and by the end of the story - i.e. the attack on the California Base
- the whole team is using G type GMs (witness the chin, the forehead camera
design, and the backpack). So between the video game and comic, we've
covered the entire lineup of 0080 GMs (except for the GM Sniper II, which
shows up in Rise From The Ashes...).

> Anyway, how did the Federation acquire the EXAM system? A defection by
> Professor Krusto Moses?

  Exactly. Whereupon Nimbus, the former EXAM test pilot, is sent to Earth to
kill him and destroy the Federation's EXAM prototypes.

>I know that the manga ends with the second
> installation of the three part Saturn game but how does the storyline
> continues in the third installation? I presume that RX-79BD-2 and
> RX-79BD-3 makes their appearances there.

  Yep. In a nutshell, after his Ifrit is destroyed, Nimbus breaks into the
Federation's EXAM research center, kills Dr. Moses, and steals the unit 2.
Then he hightails it back into space.

  Yu, the hero, is given the unit 3 (hastily kitbashed from spare parts) and
sets off in pursuit. Accompanied by his trusty wingmen (now piloting Balls),
he fights his way into the colony where Nimbus is hiding out and the two go
at it one last time. (This last space battle is briefly shown in the Giren's
Greed cut scene animation.) Nimbus's Gundam is mortally wounded, and he
self-destructs, destroying both mobile suits. But Yu survives, going on to
further adventures...

-- Mark

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