Vincent Valentine (
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 00:27:48 +0800

> Edited character behavior?! Now things are getting *really* interesting...

You're telling me. Another listmember was worried that they might change or remove such scenes as the one where Wufei bombs a dorm. Part of the complexity of the story lies in the almost invisible barrier between hero and murderer... *sigh*

> I haven't really spent that much time watching the debut of the dubbed
> version of Wing last Sunday, but the original soundtrack with the BGM and
> sound F/X sounded like they haven't been tampered with. The dubbed dialog
> sounded better than the horrible ones we've been subjected to over the years
> (which doesn't take a whole lot to accomplish...)>>

Well, at least that's good news. A decent dub is so rare.

Vincent V.


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