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>I really really hope it's in Amsterdam!
>Anyhoo, I am back in Toronto, staring at a mailbox with 450+ new emails
>from just 7- days. Ouch!
        I'm planning on cutting myself off completely when I go on
holiday. Be interesting to see what the side effects are... ^_^
        "Talk? T-A-L-K? Oh, yeah, I think I remember doing that, once...

>As I expected, didn't have time to browse the anime scene, other than
>practically running into Forbidden Planet coming out of the British

        Hope you enjoyed your stay. Sorry we couldn't arrange better
weather, but its the price we pay for not having our homes periodically
picked up and dumped in the next county by blooming great columns of
spinning air...

> Pretty nice shop, but my GOD! The Brits pay an arm and a leg and
>a few beam rifles for their anime and American goodies.
        Did I mention FPs nickname is Foreboding Prices? ^_^ Did you
get/see anything you liked?

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