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Mark Simmons wrote:

> > Also any comment on the second Delaz fleet Gwajin battleship?
> Nope. It may well have parted ways with Delaz after leaving the
> battlefield. Most of the Gwazin-class ships are pretty well acounted for.

Hmm, I guess I'll have to dig through the Gundam Millenium site stuff for that.

Anyway, thanks ever so much for the rest of the info.

BTW, I was looking at the MSV RGC-80 GM Cannon and RGM-79SC Sniper Custom in my MS
Enyclopedia when I discovered something. You know that 'new' beam rifle that comes
with the MG Quel kit? Its a recycled design, the same one used by the MSV RGC-80 and
RX-77-3! The Sniper Custom's sniper rifle is a modified version of it. Well, aside
from some continuity problems (why is the Quel using a four year old beam rifle),
hmm, Quel Sniper anyone?

BTW, Mark, or anyone, any word on that info from the Quel kit booklet I was looking

Neil Baumgardner

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