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> Neil Baumgardner writes,
> Probably, but I'd bump up the number of standard GMs and reduce the
> others. Maybe 2000 standard types, 200 G and GS types, 1200 C types... just
> to pull numbers out of a hat. After all, the G and GS were only seen in the
> fighting at Side 6 in 0080, and in the hands of a test team in Blue Destiny

Were the G and GS types GMs used in Blue Destiny?

Using the manga as reference, the first sets of GMs appears to be
standard GMs with 08MST style shoulder hard points and no beam sabers.

As for the second set of GMs, there is a close up of the four back
thrusters and the positions of these thrusters matches the RGM-79D
Arctic GM.

Anyway, how did the Federation acquire the EXAM system? A defection by
Professor Krusto Moses? I know that the manga ends with the second
installation of the three part Saturn game but how does the storyline
continues in the third installation? I presume that RX-79BD-2 and
RX-79BD-3 makes their appearances there.


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