Jonathan Souza (
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 23:57:14 -0800

I was sitting around, thinking and I came up with this very nutty

Take Half Life-besides being the Game of the Year for '99, having a VERY
popular add-on package for it, and being a great game to play has a very
nice advantage to it.

It takes user made mods like it was built to do that and that alone.
So, I came to an idea-let's make a Gundam Half-Life mod. We'll set it
up Earth Alliance and Zeon, and everyone starts out in GMs and Zakus.
You want to earn better MS-you have to secure kills and use it to trade
in for improved GMs and Zakus, perhaps even Gundcannons or Doms, working
up to the Gundam and Gelloog.

It would be hard, but we could pull it off. Interested?


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