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Tet writes,

>As I read more about the R2P,R2,R2S,R3,R3S,and the MS-11 ActoZaku the
>MS-11=MS-14 business seemed to be more and more like the 'chiken and
>egg' situation but I have a theory...
>If the references mean MS-14 Gelgoog then they should say MS-14 instead
>of an ambiguous MS-11...

  It's always prefaced with the explanation that, at that point, the
Gelgoog was being developed as the MS-11. The project was restarted
around the same time the R-2 was created, so the leftover parts used in
the R-2 were created under the MS-11 label.

>Four R2s were built and the site states that it uses a modified MS-11
>generator and it also does not use a beam weapon.

  Not correct, actually. The original R-2P used the MS-11 generator and
was designed to carry beam weapons. The standard R-2 - a simplified
version of the R-2P intended for mass production - reverted back to the
R-1A reactor, as noted in the original MSV kit manual, and recapped in
the exhaustively-researched MSV site "The Gundamned"

> The R2S and the R3, on the other hand were developed to use beam
>weapons and were developed by competing teams. The R2S team used an
>external energy pack to provide power for the beam weapons,

  I'd never heard of this before I saw it on the Zaku Page. It's sourced
as being from "FMS," whatever the heck that is...

>If all early references to MS-11 was interpreted as being MS-14, it
>seems odd that what is supposedly the prototype Gelgoog(R3), borrowed
>parts heavily from the already far developed Gelgoog?

  The MS-11 (the original one, that is) was the first incarnation of the
Gelgoog, which never got as far as a complete prototype. Makes sense -
why would they have created the R-2P as an MS-11 testbed, if they'd
already completed the MS-11 itself? The R-2P, and the later R-3, are
supposed to be something like the MS-07C-5 or MS-06RD4 - a mockup of a
new mobile suit, kitbashed from an existing model.

>If the R3 is a true Gelgoog prototype then the Gelgoog should be a R3
>with a new body and not the other way round. The R3 should be at the top
>of the Gelgoog lineage and not an offshoot near the bottom.

  It's not at the bottom. The R-2P and R-2 use parts from the Gelgoog's
stillborn first incarnation, and from these we get the R-3, which helped
bring the second incarnation of the Gelgoog into the world. That's
exactly why they specify that the R-2P and R-2 were based on the original
_MS-11_ project - so people don't misunderstand and think they're based
on the final version of the Gelgoog.

>I suggest that the MS-14 Gelgoog is an offshoot of the development of
>MS-11 ActoZaku and that at one point they were the one and the same
>project, hence the resulting confusion.

  Not a bad theory. The relation (or nonrelation) of the Gelgoog and Act
Zaku has never been clearly explained; most sources seem to think that
the Act Zaku is an unrelated mobile suit that inherited the Gelgoog's
original model number after it was rescheduled. But lo and behold, as I
scan my reference materials for info on the R-2, I see that the MG
Gelgoog manual weighs in thusly:

  Quoth the MG manual, the Gelgoog project began under the model number
MS-11, with the goal of developing a highly manueverable mobile suit. It
seems that this design later became the testbed machine known as the Act Zaku.

  By this explanation, the Act Zaku and R-2 series are siblings - fellow
spinoffs of the original Gelgoog project. The R-2, by spawning the R-3
testbed, actually had the opportunity to feed back into the Gelgoog
project later on. So the family tree would look something like this...

   MS-06R-1A MS-11 Project
       \ / | \
        \ / | \
         \ / | \
          \ / | \
          MS-06R-2P | MS-11
              | |
          MS-06R-2 |
              | |
          MS-06R-3 |
               \ |
                \ |
                 \ |
                  \ |
                   \ |
                    \ |

-- Mark

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