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> I dont think GW's violence ought to get
> edited down, its about War, and the majority of the characters "die" in
> their mecha...that sort of violence is nowhere near as concerning
> as the in
> your face gun shootouts and pointing guns at everyone (which is why I
> guarantee you that every shot of Heero with a gun, Relena with a
> gun, Lady
> Une with a gun, Treize with a gun, and the whole Heero at school
> with Relena
> trying to kill her thing WILL BE ALL GONE. No one wants kids to see this
> and going around telling little girls "I will kill you" because Heero did
> it.)

When you start to do this, storyline really gets messed up. What about
Wufei blowing Oz's Lake Victory cadet dormitory? The rest of the storyline
of that episode doesn't make sense unless it is made clear that Wufei had
just murdered hundreds of Oz cadets in their sleep.

> Which is ashame, but I guess it's necessary. Its too bad that kids
> these days as a whole are so f*cked up that they cant see this
> show in its
> entirety and not do crazy stuff. If this show ran when I was a
> kid in the
> Eighties, I guarantee you there would be little to no concern about its
> violent content.

Yeah, we can't give the kids too much ideas. God only know what they would
do with it. Perhaps they will go and build Vogler Sphere and black out
Earth's energy supply.

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