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>> It's great to see that they're not shafting us, the fans that is. But the
>> bad news? They assume we all won't be out partying on a saturday night... I
>> better learn to set my VCR! :)
>You're telling me. I was soo relieved. ALthough, I still feel antsy at the
idea that tons of kids, parents, and other people will see the edited
version of GW and think it to be the real thing.

They'll find out later if they're really into it or really assertive. True
fans are pretty much like that...

>Hah hah. Better get that VCR manual out.

Or convince my brother's girlfriend who tapes things all the time to hook
me up.

>> Seems AV, though light on the kind of goodies that I'd dig (animego still
>> releases some pretty cool swag for their shows), are pretty good when it
>> comes to the presentation of their material!
>Yeah, I have to agree. ANime Village did a splendid job on Coboy Bebop,
the original Mobile Suit Gundam, etc. They've got strong subtitlers, so I
think we can expect the subbed unedited GW VHS and DVDs to be top-notch.
I'm glad AV doesn't slack the way VIZ and ADV do. It's pretty sad for VIZ
and ADV when fansubbers do a more professional job. Don't you think we
should urge some of our favorite fansubbers to go commercial? heh heh.

I noted an error in some of the subbing in Gundam movie one. ADV's subs
always seemed ok... they used to run the anime club here so we'd see their
stuff before release. Test audience I guess...

I just wish AV would put out some gundam goods. T-shirts like the DBZ ones
which were so awesome, etc. There's so much cool stuff in Japan... I have a
gundam keychain with glowing eyes, for the love of pete.

>> By the other side of the coin however, don't you think the "more liberal
>> culture" is why this is airing here in the first place? Remember the
>> japan-bashing of the early 90's? They wouldn't have received this near as
>> well... now even the most rural parts of middle america are psyched about
>> anime. It is, after all, a "pop" culture phenomena, "pop" being short for
>> popular... ain't brevity grand?
>Yeah... I see your point. With all of the anti-Japanese sentiments that
swirled around the 80's, a lot of Japanese shows got either ignored or
Americanized (a la Robotech, Transformers). There are still pockets of
Americans who don't like Japanese stuff because, as one old woman said,
"all that Pikachu garbage. How're ya supposed to say that gobbldygook?" I
guess we're lucky that a Gundam series is finally airing at all. Sort of a
mixture of censorship and new ground breaking, huh?

Taking a step back to take one forward. It's pop culture... which has been
known to steamroller out the intracacies of projects.

>> Not neccesarily true across the board. I remember them yanking several
>> animated series here in Texas,
>Really? Which ones??

My big brother said they yanked Robotech (I was 6 at the time)...

><<Conservative politics as applied to art has always been hilarious
>> to me... "sex, the natural act of physical intimacy which spawned us and
>> brought us here today, is bad, but arnold schwarznegger movies, where he
>> passively murders, kills, and tortures people then jokes about it, are
>Yes, yes. This country is plagued by politicians who supposedly promote
the arts (but then, only if it fits their narrow definition). There is a
statue of George Washington that was once banned because, heaven forbid, it
showed him in a toga and you could see his nipples. Thankfully, we don't
have such a stigma about things as mild as that anymore, but things have
become more selective. It's okay if Arnie Baby blasts a ton of "real"
people to death, but if Duo slices a man-driven mobile suit in half,
editing must take place. I suppose this blurs reality a bit. It seems
censors think real actors are less realistic than a bunch of teenagers in
mobile suits.

Cronenberg once said that censors do what schizophrenics do... confuse
fantasy and reality.

>oh yeah. You should move out of Texas, maybe? heh heh.

If I didn't have a band, a job, and everything else here, maybe...

>> >I think you're right. Funny how we seem to be going backward? Remember how
>> >violent Thundercats used to be? Hah hah.
>> Because people weren't blaming the media for everything back then... but as
>> Chris Rock says... "You think I got three guns in my house 'cause the
>> media's outside?!?"
>hah hah. Nice to meet you, Evan! :)

heh, likewise.


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