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>I bought, a while ago, an anime book (Gakken Mook Anime V Special)
>called "Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team" that seemed to cover the
>first half of the OVA series. It also came with a smaller book, red
>cover, called "Design Works Perfect File" that had a lot of nice black &
>white line art of the characters, mecha, backgrounds, etc., from the
>series. Is there supposed to be a second volume of this thing or did
>they just put one out during the series run and didn't care that it
>didn't have images from the whole series?

The Gakken Mook was originally intended to be the first of two issues, but
it got derailed when the OVA series didn't catch on as expected.

Even worse was the Visual Mook series from Hobby Japan. It was supposed to
be a FIVE issue set, but they cancelled it after Visual Mook 1.


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