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>Mark, where is Crossbone Vanguard's Round Island located at? If it is
>located at L1, then perhaps Boffo Concern was one of the
>contractor/independant salvagers of L1 debris. It would make their action
>in F91 a bit more understandable if they were the one working on making
>L1/Frontier Side livable, and they should feel it is their destiny to rule

I can answer that one. Round Island was completed or acquired (accounts
differ) by the Buffo Konzern on 8 July 0084. It was situated in Side 1,
which has always been at L5. It should be noted that one need not and, in
some cases, ought not build one's main enterprise at the actual job
site. It makes more sense to have the Konzern located near the oldest
established space colonies than near what is arguably the most hazardous
place in the Earth Sphere.

It's a 60-hour trip from L5 to L1 or vice versa or 5 days round trip, which
is about the same as from the headquarters of an oil company to its actual
oil fields or offshore platforms.

The Buffo Konzern itself was founded circa UC 0055, well before the war,
when most of the salvage was outmoded, worn out, surplus or abandoned
equipment from the various colony construction projects. Had Round Island
been located in L1, it might've been destroyed (along with everything else
except Texas colony, which was badly damaged) during the Battle of Raum.

Scharnhorst Buffo purchased the Ronah family named circa UC 0068. The
Konzern was wealthy and influentual enough to establish a prestigious
vocational training school on 14 March 0081, which would become the one of
the wellsprings of the Crossbone Vanguard circa UC 0106.


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