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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> I wouldn't mind those "Anne of Green Gables" or "Heidi" happy crap, and I
> wouldn't mind seeing a "sweet romance" series like Kare-Kano on TV...

When I was younger I really fell for Megan Follows, the girl who played Anne in
the TV series. But that doesn't help me get Akira accepted here as mainstream,
adult animation.

> But anyway, you're right...bring back Tom and Jerry!! Every once in a while
> I miss those two (not the PC, let's co-op-erate versions that plagued the
> 80s) and there's simply not enough mindless violence on children's TV.

That's the key - mindless, over the top violence. Attempts to edit them down
and make them less violent ends up making them look realistic, something that
kids think they can/should imitate. Sort of like how the director's cut of
"Robocop" is so exagerated that it's funny, whereas the edited release version
is just cut up enough to become nauseating to many people because now it's
close to being believeably cruel. Dummies.


"Isn't that a bit racialist?"

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