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>I write for a 'zine (sort of a lame one, but at least I get the chance to
research lots of material--and sometimes I can interview about anime news).
The latest Bandai announcement (today) is that for all of us die-hard
Gundam fans like Aaron, Bandai will be releasing TWO versions of the GW
anime. The one that will air during Toonami will have edited violence (grr)
edited character behavior, and a slightly different script than the
original (to accomidate kiddies). To satisfy the older audience, they will
air the original uncut Gundam Wing (although it will be a dub) on Saturdays
(probably after 11 p.m.) with all the violence and original script we desire.

It's great to see that they're not shafting us, the fans that is. But the
bad news? They assume we all won't be out partying on a saturday night... I
better learn to set my VCR! :)

>The COOL thing is, though, that Anime Village is in the works to release
both a dubbed and subtitled version on VHS and DVD (uncut, unedited, and
cool). That means good news for us, provided they keep it up. A subbed
version. YAAAAY!!

Seems AV, though light on the kind of goodies that I'd dig (animego still
releases some pretty cool swag for their shows), are pretty good when it
comes to the presentation of their material!

>> > Even if animation were a more "Adult" medium for kids, Gundam Wing
>> still would get all of the violence hacked out of it....I have a baaad
>> feeling the weekday GW is going to be severely kiddiefied......I attribute
>> this hypersensitivity to today's more liberal culture.
>I have to agree. The Toonami GW is going to be verrryy different from the
ones you can get on DVD and VHS. What will happen when kids drag their
parents into Suncoast and order them to buy the dubbed DVD, only to find
out it's the unedited version?

By the other side of the coin however, don't you think the "more liberal
culture" is why this is airing here in the first place? Remember the
japan-bashing of the early 90's? They wouldn't have received this near as
well... now even the most rural parts of middle america are psyched about
anime. It is, after all, a "pop" culture phenomena, "pop" being short for
popular... ain't brevity grand?

I'm sure AV will put stickers on the videos or DVD's... "Unedited! With
more footage!" That way they get the info across as well as more
advertising ("psst... more meat for your meal!").

>Imagine all the kids' fansites that will spring up, too *shudder*....
><< I am not slamming
>> liberals, (even though Im pretty conservative) but I think with a liberal
>> culture comes hypersensitivity along with a few other things. If this
>> 1985, GW wouldnt have any of its content edited, I think.

Not neccesarily true across the board. I remember them yanking several
animated series here in Texas, which is pretty conservative as well as
downright intolerant (how many fights have I gotten into due to my dyed
hair?). Conservative politics as applied to art has always been hilarious
to me... "sex, the natural act of physical intimacy which spawned us and
brought us here today, is bad, but arnold schwarznegger movies, where he
passively murders, kills, and tortures people then jokes about it, are ok.
This of course has nothing to do with how much he's contributed to the
republican party."

Not that I'm saying liberals are always right. I think that they're just a
little less tolerant of random violence for the sake of entertainment as
opposed to story, which Gundam has. I know I wouldn't want to be stuck in
the 0083 universe...

>I think you're right. Funny how we seem to be going backward? Remember how
>violent Thundercats used to be? Hah hah.

Because people weren't blaming the media for everything back then... but as
Chris Rock says... "You think I got three guns in my house 'cause the
media's outside?!?"


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