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Robert Ludvig wrote:

> Even if animation were a more "Adult" medium for kids, Gundam Wing probably
> still would get all of the violence hacked out of it....I have a baaad
> feeling the weekday GW is going to be severely kiddiefied......I attribute
> this hypersensitivity to today's more liberal culture. I am not slamming
> liberals, (even though Im pretty conservative) but I think with a liberal
> culture comes hypersensitivity along with a few other things. If this were
> 1985, GW wouldnt have any of its content edited, I think.

Hey, don't worry about slamming liberals when they're wrong, and they're wrong
about the whole tree hugger, PC mentality they've built up that's gotten us
pretending there was never violence before violent cartoons ravaged our utopian
planet. I'm liberal in many areas but not there. I see nothing wrong with
Bugs Bunny lighting a stick of dynamite and blowing Marvin Martian up with it.
If any kid is stupid enough and unparented enough to pull that, he gets what he
deserves. And so do his parents. 85? Didn't Robotech get edited down? I saw
all the unedited violent WB and MGM cartoons and I haven't killed anybody,
I haven't burned my own house down and I haven't blown anything up. I say
bring back old Tom & Jerry cartoons! Give us more Gundam style realistic
sci-fi! Lose the Smurfs, the Care Bears of the world, nobody buys that happy
happy crap.


"Isn't that a bit racialist?"

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