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> I agree completely, Chris Beilby. *cept for the lesbian thing, even
> I like hot lesbians as much as the next guy, that brings the whole being
> vs. other ppl's morality, a business which I think TV should steer away
> from*
No, not if they portray it properly. The Uranus-Neptune relationship is
portrayed rather matter-of-factly in the original, and it's really no
different from the sexual innuendo Smithers throws at Burns in The Simpsons,
which we know every kid probably watches (or has watched at least once)
anyway. I DO have a problem with programs that stick an issue out in the
open and preach it like no tommorrow (Ellen), but the lesbian thing in
Sailor Moon S is nothing people haven't seen before, even children. It'd be
a first for children's TV, but eventually someone's gonna have to break the

However, there are other elements in Sailor Moon S that the censors might
have to bear in mind. This season's plot references many Christian religious
themes, there's quite a bit of morbid imagery (you could consider this
Sailor Moon season a rough layout for Utena, which was also directed by
Kunihiko Ikuhara) and it's just plain meaner and grimmer in tone.


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