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Hi! I feel over-eager or something. I keep answering everyone's e-mails!

I painted a 1:144 scale Char's Zaku II model a different color as a Christmas gift for a Gundam-lovin' pal. He loves purple, so I did it sort of a metallic purple. It worked out pretty well. I used a dark purple paint for the detail lines. I've never tried to do a camo paintjob, though. African camo is similar to Vietnam War era camo?

Vincent Valentine
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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 16:57:49 PST
Subject: [gundam] Gundam model paint schemes.....

> > Anyone here ever paint ANY of their models in different schemes other than
> the ones used in the anime and on the boxes? Ive been dying to do some
> Zakus or GMs in an Afrika Korps scheme and do some Zakus with Luftwaffe camo
> patterns (since the Zeons seem REALLY German to me...)but I was wondering
> how real-world coloring schemes would look on Mobile Suits (by the way, Ive
> always detested the red white blue yellow hero robot colors on the
> gundams.....ugh!)
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