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I write for a 'zine (sort of a lame one, but at least I get the chance to research lots of material--and sometimes I can interview about anime news). The latest Bandai announcement (today) is that for all of us die-hard Gundam fans like Aaron, Bandai will be releasing TWO versions of the GW anime. The one that will air during Toonami will have edited violence (grr) edited character behavior, and a slightly different script than the original (to accomidate kiddies). To satisfy the older audience, they will air the original uncut Gundam Wing (although it will be a dub) on Saturdays (probably after 11 p.m.) with all the violence and original script we desire.

The COOL thing is, though, that Anime Village is in the works to release both a dubbed and subtitled version on VHS and DVD (uncut, unedited, and cool). That means good news for us, provided they keep it up. A subbed version. YAAAAY!!

> > Even if animation were a more "Adult" medium for kids, Gundam Wing probably
> still would get all of the violence hacked out of it....I have a baaad
> feeling the weekday GW is going to be severely kiddiefied......I attribute
> this hypersensitivity to today's more liberal culture.

I have to agree. The Toonami GW is going to be verrryy different from the ones you can get on DVD and VHS. What will happen when kids drag their parents into Suncoast and order them to buy the dubbed DVD, only to find out it's the unedited version?

Imagine all the kids' fansites that will spring up, too *shudder*....

<< I am not slamming
> liberals, (even though Im pretty conservative) but I think with a liberal
> culture comes hypersensitivity along with a few other things. If this were
> 1985, GW wouldnt have any of its content edited, I think.

I think you're right. Funny how we seem to be going backward? Remember how violent Thundercats used to be? Hah hah.

By the way--it's nice to meet ya, Aaron! :)

Vincent Valentine

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> ><< Does this mean Japanese TV is less sensitive about violence, even for
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> >Yes, I think thats excalty it. A lot of American people think all animation
> >should be for little kids. They either can't or won't accept that there's
> >different types of animation content in Japan and that not all of it is for
> >kids.
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> > Aaron
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