Robert Ludvig (
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 16:49:33 PST

Even if animation were a more "Adult" medium for kids, Gundam Wing probably
still would get all of the violence hacked out of it....I have a baaad
feeling the weekday GW is going to be severely kiddiefied......I attribute
this hypersensitivity to today's more liberal culture. I am not slamming
liberals, (even though Im pretty conservative) but I think with a liberal
culture comes hypersensitivity along with a few other things. If this were
1985, GW wouldnt have any of its content edited, I think.

>Subject: Re: [gundam] Gundam Wing on Cartoon Channel (& Edit)
>Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 03:47:51 EST
>In a message dated 1/25/00 2:02:02 AM Eastern Standard Time,
><< Does this mean Japanese TV is less sensitive about violence, even for
> shows? I am a little confused here. >>
>Yes, I think thats excalty it. A lot of American people think all animation
>should be for little kids. They either can't or won't accept that there's
>different types of animation content in Japan and that not all of it is for
> Aaron
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