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Neil Baumgardner replies,

>> Only if you believe that the Full Armor Type was actually constructed, in
>> which case they would need some extra Gundams as testbeds.
> Okay, you didnt help there as I have absolutely no clue.

  Me neither. It's usually claimed that the FSWS project, and the Full Armor
Type, were canceled; some MSV books claim that the box art illos of the Full
Armor Type are computer simulations. If so, then they could get by with only
four RX-78 units (including the Alex).

> Okay granted, but there are seen none-the-less and even have stats that
> differentiate them from the other types. Just for discussion at this point
> anyway,
> as I can take from your comments that one should simply take the F2 production
> numbers as part of the overall F and J numbers, while the FZ should be taken
> out of the F type numbers.

  Makes sense. You can consider them as subcategories of the F type, or
break 'em out separately.

> And the MS-18F?

  No idea if it was ever built, or was just a design concept. Given the late
advent of the Kaempfer, I suspect the latter.

> Also any comment on the second Delaz fleet Gwajin battleship?

  Nope. It may well have parted ways with Delaz after leaving the
battlefield. Most of the Gwazin-class ships are pretty well acounted for.

-- Mark

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