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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> Oh yeah, I was kinda, sorta referring to its reincarnation as the AGX-04.

  Tsk, tsk! :-)

> But I take they are not taken as canon, right?

  Only if you believe that the Full Armor Type was actually constructed, in
which case they would need some extra Gundams as testbeds.

> I assume they are reasonable guesses then?

  Probably, but I'd bump up the number of standard GMs and reduce the
others. Maybe 2000 standard types, 200 G and GS types, 1200 C types... just
to pull numbers out of a hat. After all, the G and GS were only seen in the
fighting at Side 6 in 0080, and in the hands of a test team in Blue Destiny
- whereas every GM seen at Solomon or A Bao A Qu is a standard type.

> So I guess we're talking about a dozen or so GM Sniper IIs?

  Yeah, sounds about right.

>> The GM Custom is another rarity, fresh out of testing when it appears
>> in 0083, and its high cost keeps the production run low.
> So what, a hundred, or maybe two hundred then? Mind you I was thinking in the
> early 0084 context, kind of assuming that the Custom became the standard
> regular forces GM since the C type is out of production(?).

  I'm not sure that's a reasonable assumption. In 0084 and onwards, the
Hizack and GM II become the standards; there's no evidence that the GM
Custom was ever mass-produced, let alone standard, and all the reference
books describe its production run as "unusually small." I'd say 50 tops,
just like the original GM Sniper Custom.

> But they are present in official animation no? Hence they have to be taken
> seriously dont they?

  That depends. The 0083 novelization, edited by the series director,
describes the Zakus of Kimberlite Base as being a mix of J, D, S, at cetera
- even though on screen they're all animated as F2s. The F2, which was
originally supposed to be a redrawn version of the J type (so it's labeled
in early reproductions of the line art), is really just a placeholder for
any & all models of Zaku II. Likewise, the FZ was intended as a substitute
for the F type, which is why it's used in every illo in MS ERA in place of
the regular Zaku II.

> Not nearly as many as I'd imagined.

  Well, they only had a month to build 'em!

> Awwww! So what a dozen, less? What about the erstwhile MS-18F production type?

  Try one or two. It's an experimental mobile suit, not a limited- or trial
production model.

-- Mark

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