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Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > Way too many GM Customs, GM Quells, and GM Sniper IIs, however. The
> > original GM Sniper Custom had a total run of less than 50, and the GM
> > Sniper II is even more rare; the MSV Collection File says that, as of the
> > Battle of Solomon, enough prototypes were produced to outfit only three
> > test teams (including the Scarlet Team which is wiped out in Gundam
> > 0080). It seems that more were produced thereafter, since Master P. Rayer
> > gets one in the new Side Story game, but I doubt they cranked many more
> > out after the war ended.
> So I guess we're talking about a dozen or so GM Sniper IIs?

Interestingly, all three members of White Dingo in the Side Story game received GM
Sniper IIs without any sniper rifles and were used as replacements for the standard
GM. The sniper rifles could be made available through internet download in the near
future though.

> > The GM Custom is another rarity, fresh out of testing when it appears
> > in 0083, and its high cost keeps the production run low.
> So what, a hundred, or maybe two hundred then? Mind you I was thinking in the
> early 0084 context, kind of assuming that the Custom became the standard regular
> forces GM since the C type is out of production(?).

GM Customs were pretty much given to ace pilots only. So I think we are talking
about c20.

> > > MS-18E Kampfer (0079, c20)
> >
> > Hah! Only in the dreams of Kaempfer fans. ;-)
> Awwww! So what a dozen, less? What about the erstwhile MS-18F production type?

I think it's more like one but two at most.


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