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> >The first Colony Reclamation Project begins in May 0082 with the
> transfer
> >of repairable colonies from Side 4 to Side 3. Under the traditional
> >schema, that would be from L5 to L2.
> I'd initially figured that the CRP was conducted before the colonies
> were redesignated - hence the use of the old arrangement in all the maps.
> But yeah, it would make more sense if this "Side 4" were in fact the
> former Side 5.
> >So what's left at L1 that anyone should be mindful of it? Or is
> the idea
> >to start afresh there when the resolve and resources become available,
> >which seems to be 30-odd years down the road with the Frontier Side?
> Right. Salvage what you can, scrap the rest, and clear it out so it's
> safe to begin new construction when the population has grown enough to
> warrant it.

Mark, where is Crossbone Vanguard's Round Island located at? If it is
located at L1, then perhaps Boffo Concern was one of the
contractor/independant salvagers of L1 debris. It would make their action
in F91 a bit more understandable if they were the one working on making
L1/Frontier Side livable, and they should feel it is their destiny to rule

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