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Okay, let's take a look at Neil's production numbers list...

> RX-78 Gundam (0079, 3)
> RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex (0079, 1)
> RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Type (0079, 20)
> RX-78GP01 Gundam Zephyranthes (0083, 1)
> RX-78GP02A Gundam Physalis (0083, 1)
> RX-78GP03S Gundam Dendrobium Stamen (0083, 1)
> RX-78GP03 Gundam Dendrobium Orchis (0083, 1)
> RX-78GP04G Gundam Gerbera (0083, 1)

  These are all pretty solid, though I'd note that the production number
for the Gerbera should actually be 0. And some sources - MSV-era
publications and the recent MSV Collection File among them - claim that
there were eight RX-78 units total (including those used as FA-78 testbeds).

> RX-77 Guncannon (0079, 6)
> RX-77D Guncannon (0079, c100)

  Way too many Guncannon-Ds. Consider that the GM Cannon was a regular
production version, and only 48 were made; the production run of the
Guncannon D is more likely in the six-to-twenty range of other
limited-production mobile suits like the Zaku III, Doven Wolf, RX-79, et al.

> RX-75 Guntank (0079, c30)

  Also a bit high. I'd say that twenty might be a good estimate. After
all, you only need one support mobile suit per team; mix in one Guntank
with 2-4 GMs (similar to how the GM Cannon was deployed) and you only
need a dozen to outfit an entire battalion.

> RGM-79 GM (0079, c800)
> RGM-79(E) GM Space Type (0079, c12)
> RGM-79(G) GM Ground Type (0079, c30)
> RGM-79C GM (0079, c1500)
> RGM-79C GM Powered (0083, c2)
> RGM-79D Arctic GM (0079, c100)
> RGM-79G GM Commando (0079, c400)
> RGM-79GS GM Space Commando (0079, c400)
> RGM-79N GM Custom (0083, c500)
> RGM-79Q GM Quell (0083, c500)
> RGM-79SP GM Sniper II (0079, c100)

  Hm. The total production run of the GM is unclear (aside from B-CLUB's
old estimate of 3800 total, during and after the war). Regardless, there
were probably at least a thousand produced during the war, and the stock
RGM-79 would probably be the most numerous of all the models. Absent any
clear accounting of the GMs used from 0079 to 0083, however, or the
quantity of C and G types produced, I suppose you can pump up their
production runs if you like. :-)

  Way too many GM Customs, GM Quells, and GM Sniper IIs, however. The
original GM Sniper Custom had a total run of less than 50, and the GM
Sniper II is even more rare; the MSV Collection File says that, as of the
Battle of Solomon, enough prototypes were produced to outfit only three
test teams (including the Scarlet Team which is wiped out in Gundam
0080). It seems that more were produced thereafter, since Master P. Rayer
gets one in the new Side Story game, but I doubt they cranked many more
out after the war ended.

  The GM Custom is another rarity, fresh out of testing when it appears
in 0083, and its high cost keeps the production run low. The GM Quell
wouldn't be much more numerous, given the small size of the Titans proper
(after all, they have to call in backup from the Federal Forces or Zeon
Republic to mount major operations). The Titans probably aren't any
larger than a battalion, e.g. about 50 mobile suits.

> RGC-83 Guncannon (0083, c300)

  Again, probably an overestimate. Only 48 of the original GM Cannon were
made, and the GM Cannon II is far more advanced and expensive. Plus it's
a support mobile suit - you only need one per team. I'd be surprised if
there were more than twenty total.

> MS-05B Zaku I (0075, c800)

  That's right.

> MS-06C/F Zaku II (0078/0079, c1400)
> MS-06F2 Zaku II (0079, c600)
> MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai (0079, c100)
> MS-06J Zaku II (0079, c700)
> MS-06R-1A Zaku II (0079, 56)
> MS-06S Zaku II (0079, c300)

  Officially, there were 22 R-1s and 56 R-1As. The estimate of 100 has
been bandied about for the S type. The F2 and FZ are hard to take
seriously as authentic variants...

  Whatever the total production run of the Zaku II - looks like you're
going with about 3200 - the F type is supposed to make up at least half
this total. Ergo, if there are 3200 Zaku IIs, at least 1600 would be F
types. The C type was the only version made for the first year, so say at
_least_ 600 of those. There are 100 S types, 114 D types, about 100 E
types, 78 R types... that leaves 600 others, almost all of which would be
J types. (The F2 type, as used in the 0083 animation, substitutes for
both the F and J types.)

> MS-07B Gouf (0079, c80)
> MS-07B3 Gouf Custom (0079, c60)
> MS-07H8 Gouf Flight Type (0079, c30)

  At this point, I'll consult the Zeon Dukedom Military File CD-ROM. In
addition to the 32 A type Goufs (which had no built-in weapons), the ZDMF
says there were 200 B types (about one month's production). The B type
tally probably includes all subtypes; I note that the Gouf seen in the
new Side Story game is a sort of intermediary between the original B and
B3, with the same clip-on gatling guns as the B3. The H8, though, is a
super-rare scratchbuilt experiment, and I'm pretty sure the two we see
are the only ones in existence.

> MS-09 Dom (0079, c1500)
> MS-09F Dom Tropen (0079, c500)
> MS-09R Rick Dom (0079, c700)
> MS-09RII Rick Dom II (0079, c300)

  The ZDMF reckons there were about 600 Doms, and that the Rick Dom was
cranked out at a rate of 200/month starting in September, so its
production run should be similar. The Rick Dom II is new and rare; the 20
units that the Delaz Fleet has are just about the only ones.

> MS-14A Geelgog (0079,
> MS-14B Geelgog (0079,
> MS-14F Geelgog Marine Mass Produced Space Combat Mobile Suit (0079,
> MS-14Fs Geelgog Marine (0079,
> MS-14Jg Geelgog Jaeger (0079,

  The MG Gelgoog kit manual says 83 A types, 67 B types, and 15 C types
(a total which includes the 25 YMS-14 prototypes). I suppose you could
tally the later-created F and Jg models under the B type category, since
these are seldom seen otherwise. At any rate, there are at least 30 F
types as of 0083.

> MS-18E Kampfer (0079, c20)

  Hah! Only in the dreams of Kaempfer fans. ;-)

> MSM-03C HyGog (0079, c100)
> MSM-07E Zugock-E (0079, c30)

  What about the conventional MSM series? The Acguy is usually tallied at
60 units, and the ZDMF says 300 Gogs. The Zugok would presumably number a
couple of hundred...

-- Mark

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