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> > From: David "Jojo" Wong
> > > Well, it would appear that Bandai is doing the right way of editing
> > > content... Dub the unedit first, then edit it down for content.
> > way
> > > when you release it on VHS & DVD, it's much easier to reassemble the
> > > material.
> > >
> > Genius!!! Why was this never thought of before? Dub the unedited first
> > then go back and cut. In which case, you could release the unedit for
> > to make some money or even if you don't plan to do that, you could go
> > and fix bad edits from the unedited version.
> >
> As I mention in another post, it would appear that Bandai is submitting
> unedited version to Cartoon Channel, who does their own edit for content
> (violence mainly).

Yup, I heard you. But the above was a tongue-in-cheek remark on all those
companies who dub anime for TV--they often edit the show and then dub it,
running into some very unique problems later on, especially when considering
continuity. I was merely commenting on why companies don't dub a show first
and THEN edit it. Or at least plan the edits beforehand so you don't run
into any boo-boos later. But that would be too much work.


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