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> I'm almost inclined to think that the placement of Sides 5 and 6 in maps
>from this time period is an attempt by fans and third parties to find homes
>for these displaced Sides, whereas the actual intention of the production
>staff was to reduce the roster to only three populated Sides. (Side 4 being
>a cluster of debris, and the two colonies that make up the former Side 7
>never being referred to by a Side number.)

This raises two main questions:

1. What became of the fully populated and unscathed Side 6?

2. Why was Side 4 (formerly Side 5) kept on the books when it was
ostensibly the MOST damaged and, in fact, usually cited as totally
destroyed and referred to as the Shoal Zone?

It further begs the question of why Texas colony remained semi-operational
even though it was badly damaged and surrounded by little or nothing but
debris in the aforementioned Shoal Zone.

If I understand your hypothesis correctly, Side 6 was merged with the
remains of Side 2 or simply became Side 2 in the absence of any habitable
or salvageable colonies in that area; Side 5 was renumbered Side 4 because
it was the last remaining Side after Sides 1 through 3; and Side 7 was
renumbered Side 5, but there weren't enough colonies there for the
designation to stick.

So the question really revolves around the Side 5/Side 4 issue.

The first Colony Reclamation Project begins in May 0082 with the transfer
of repairable colonies from Side 4 to Side 3. Under the traditional
schema, that would be from L5 to L2. Under your revised schema, that would
be from L1 (the former Side 5 and now the Shoal Zone) to L1. That would
work if Texas were not, as previously thought, the sole survivor of the
Battle of Raum. It would also provide enough traffic in the area that
Delaz could sneak in and set up the Thorn Garden in the Shoal Zone, which
would be rightly shunned.

The second Colony Reclamation Project begins in November 0083 with the
transfer of repairable colonies from Side 1 (L5) to Side 3 (L2). No
problem here, other than the fact that it appears that the authors of
Gundam 0083 were thinking in terms of replenishing Side 3 from L5 in both

So what's left at L1 that anyone should be mindful of it? Or is the idea
to start afresh there when the resolve and resources become available,
which seems to be 30-odd years down the road with the Frontier Side?


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