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Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:57:24 -0800

Winn Sevilla asks,

> But I just wanna ask a big question, which is better, the S Type Zaku or the R
> Types? (Those Johnny Ridden customized ones...)

  The R type was always supposed to be an upgrade to the S type; back when
the S type was said to have 30% more thrust than the F type (i.e. early
'80s), the R type was said to have _twice_ as much - in its backpack alone!

  Whereas the S type is basically just a tune-up of the F type, the R type
is redesigned with additional thrusters, extra propellant tanks, et cetera.
The R-2 goes even further, with new armor materials and even more propellant
space. The R-1 is considered somewhat inferior to the Rick Dom, and the R-2
roughly equivalent.

-- Mark

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