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Edward Ju wrote:

> As far as I know, the antenna in general signals a Zeon suit being a
> commander type. In the case of Zaku II F/J variants, the antenna means
> it's a S-type. With MSV variants like the R, you are correct in that the
> presence of the antenna does not make it a S-type, since most of these
> were given to ace pilots who are also comamnders.
> The S-type is supposed to have improved performance over the grunt suits of
> the F/J variety, but the official story keeps changing - in the original
> series and first Gundam movie, Char's S-type is supposed to move at 3 times
> as fast as a regular Zaku. Over the years, that performance boost ratio has
> been steadily downgraded through model kit manuals, publications, and even
> supplement materials from OVA LDs. Last year Mark Simmons wrote a good
> report on the topic which includes Bandai's latest stats according to the
> PG Char's Zaku II kit, which reduced its peformance down to only 20 or 30%
> over the regular Zaku (as opposed to being 3 times as fast). One of the
> supplements to the 08th MS Team LD reconciles the apparent conflict by
> claiming that Char achieved three times the velocity of a regular Zaku II
> by timing his thrusts as he bounced off Fed battleships in his attack runs
> during the Battle of Ruum, where he earned the Red Comet nickname because
> his speedy maneuvers left a trail like a comet.
> As someone here pointed out (I think it was Tet), that doesn't explain how
> the White Base crew got his speed to be three times that of a normal
> Zaku II, based on the instruments readout as the carrier was leaving
> Side 7, however...

But I just wanna ask a big question, which is better, the S Type Zaku or the R
Types? (Those Johnny Ridden customized ones...)

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