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> << I remember that very well, but my point was that 120mm cannons don't
> pick off lone infantryman very well. =) >>
> Can you say overkill?

Well actually, it might not be such a bad idea with the right ammo. All you need
is a High-Explosive Anti-Personnel (HEAP) round, sorta like a Claymore mine that
shoots out balls - just lot like that AP weapon used in 08th MS Team, just more
standardized. M1 tankers have been screaming for years that they didnt have such
a round, but they're working on one now. At any rate, you select that ammo,
point and fire and no more pesky infantry. Longer range than those LAWs appeared
to have in 08th MS Team too.

> Is there such a mine which doesn't get set off by mere infantrymen, but only
> mobile suits? This could be a double-edged sword, however

Sure why not. There are certainly such things as anti-tank mines today, that are
not set of by stepping on them. OTOH, they usually put a whole bunch of
anti-personnel mines around them so as to discourage infantry and engineers from
disarming or moving them.

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