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> In a message dated 1/24/00 7:36:07 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> pcorzo@geomat-intl.com writes:
> << Hi folks, anyone knows if any canadian cartoon channel is going to
> broadcast Gundam Wing, because most canadian cable companies dont carry
> cartoon network.So is ther any alternative for us >>
> So far, I haven't seen any info. about a canadian release of Gundam Wing
> the Net, but if I find anything, I will post it here. I hope it is
> in Canada too, it would give Gundam a wider audience.
Likely you would find it on YTV (which unfortunately I don't get because I
don't have cable TV). They air Cartoon Network stuff on a rotating basis,
keeping the ones they like. They aired Powerpuff Girls a couple of times
(still might be) and they now air Dragon Ball Z. They used to air Sailor
Moon, but it's gone now, despite good ratings (that's okay...local Fox
affiliate airs SM 6 days a week again--I've seen every episode already,
including the Japanese versions, but it's good to have her still on the air
here in Ontario all the same).


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