Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 13:57:11 -0800

>I think the point of having core fighter-cockpits in the ZZ was that the
>separate parts (top and bottom) would fly out initially with their own
>pilots, and then link up to form ZZ (with or without another core fighter);
>when that happened, excess pilots could escape using the core fighters, so
>they're not stuck useless in the MS. Of course, there's no explanation for
>the gun cockpit then, is there? And of course, why bother with the whole
>separate fighter thing in the first place?

Because they make one complicated-looking, impressive toy?

I just got a Musha ZZ Gundam toy (the 1/100 scale fully transformable one),
and while attempting to transform the sucker last night, I remembered that
I might have a plain 1/100 scale ZZ toy tucked away somewhere in my
collection, because I recognized the bizzare leg transformation mechanism
and recall having done it before. However, the toy did not come with any
instructions, and I am not about to embark on a quest to find a single toy
from the overcrowded garage.

Does anyone remember or know how was the red chest piece/cockpit hatch on
the upper torso "flip" so it'd be flat and level with the attached double
beam cannons as shown on the back of the box? Mine doesn't seem to want to
do that, as it refuses to turn further than the 90 degrees of its default
position in MS mode, but will fold in the other direction.

BTW... the toy only came with 1 Core Fighter.


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