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Dafydd writes,

> In Volume 2, on page 40, there's a scene from Episode 7: Escape At Side 1
> in which Jamaican is briefing the Titans pilots on the Ahgama's possible
> flight paths. The orange wall map clearly shows "SIDE-2" (text as shown
> beside a line art representation of a colony) in the L4 position, "SIDE-4"
> at the L1 position, "SIDE-3" at the L2 position and "SIDE-1" at the L5
> position, with Ahgama trajectories to Side 1, the Moon and Side 1.

  All this is as per the maps published at the time. But I note, again, the
very suspicious absence of Side 5 and 6. Time and time again, whenever this
side of the Earth sphere is shown on-screen from Z onwards, Sides 1 and 2
are shown but their ostensible orbital neighbors are not.

  I'm almost inclined to think that the placement of Sides 5 and 6 in maps
from this time period is an attempt by fans and third parties to find homes
for these displaced Sides, whereas the actual intention of the production
staff was to reduce the roster to only three populated Sides. (Side 4 being
a cluster of debris, and the two colonies that make up the former Side 7
never being referred to by a Side number.)

-- Mark

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