Mark Simmons (
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 11:57:14 -0800

Paul Fields writes,

> Is it so wrong to want that which you cannot have... I all the
> other guys can want a GP-03 Denbrodium... I can want a PG
> Sazabi...

  Heh! Well, then I'll hope that they let Katoki (or any other non-Okawara
mecha designer) reinterpret the Zaku II for the HG-UC line, then spin it off
into a complete family of 1/144 Zaku variants. Oh, and same for the Gundam
and GM. Make mine mini!

> Ah so sometime in the fall for us then...

  Not necessarily - I think the six-month time lag thing may not be the
governing principle anymore. After all, we're getting Wing DVDs in May, but
it hasn't been announced in Japan yet...

-- Mark

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