Peter Cheng (
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 11:20:29 -0800 (PST)

browsed a few Japanese BBSes (e.g., and go to
their Zeon BBS) and got sort of excited. Seems that:
- from the "newest" issue of ThePlaystation they
posted an image of GP03D as well as ZetaGundam and
- (rumor) There will be 10 warring fractions in total:
with AEUG and two branches of Titans. Garma Zabi's
Zeon of course is confirmed.
- There will be two "parts" to cover the span of PS
GGreed's timeframe. Part1 = OYW while Part2 pretty
much focus on the Gripes War.
- (rumor <- what the heck and I added) who
knows...perhaps Nu & Sazabi are nigh!
- (rumor <- and my day dreaming continues) If I'm
playing as Char, I sure won't leak that PsychoFrame
technology to AE... dream of Amuro in Zeta trashing Zaku II
is finally coming true! (<- with the right cheat code
that is)

Oh, I'm new here but I'll be gone...thanks for reading.
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