Chris Beilby (
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:08:20 GMT

>Hello, I was just wondering whether MS 8th is gonnna come out in US or not?
>Last time I heard, someone bought the rights to it? Could anyone please
>tell me
>whether this is true or not? And if it is true, does anyone know when it
>might come out?

Anime Village, which is a subsidiary of Bandai, has the American
distribution rights to all of Gundam. They announced last year that Gundam
Wing, Wing Endless Waltz, and 08th MS Team were to be released in the US.
Wing will be premering on Cartoon Network in March, while 08th MS will ve a
video release, date to be announced. Following Wing next year is supposed
to be the original Gundam series.
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