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>From: Mark Simmons <>
> Winn Sevilla writes,
>> Since were at the brink of knowing the ZZ's G Fortress configuration...
>> I'd prefer the configuration of the V & V2 Gundam since both looks more
>> aerodynamic and more acceptable design...
> They look better, and they get more practical mileage out of the
> separating feature, but they share the same basic flaw of the ZZ in that the
> two primary modules (core top & base for the ZZ, top & bottom limb for the V
> and V2) have no cockpits. This means that, when you separate, each half has
> to dock with its own core fighter - so you need at least two fighters for
> each mobile suit.
> The V and V2 have the additional problem that the mobile suit can't form a
> single transformed mode (you mention seeing a mode like this, but I don't
> recall seeing it). So all this fancy transformation gear is only used in the
> separation process.
> The Superior Gundam (from Sentinel) has a separate cockpit for each
> component, so the attacker and bomber can operate separately from the core
> fighter. This does mean wasting two extra pilots in mobile suit mode, but
> c'est la vie. At least you don't end up staring down at the ground through
> an unprotected glass canopy while in G-Fortress mode, as with the ZZ...!

I think the point of having core fighter-cockpits in the ZZ was that the
separate parts (top and bottom) would fly out initially with their own
pilots, and then link up to form ZZ (with or without another core fighter);
when that happened, excess pilots could escape using the core fighters, so
they're not stuck useless in the MS. Of course, there's no explanation for
the gun cockpit then, is there? And of course, why bother with the whole
separate fighter thing in the first place?


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