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Aww man, I thought they werent going to edit the content at all....what a
disappointment. Why are they going to edit it? There's nothing really
graphic at all in this show...just lots of MS's getting blown up...

>According to Anime On DVD Forum, someone who attended the LA showing of
>Gundam Wing mentioned the following:
>During the Q&A session, a Bandai/AV rep revealed that GW (Gundam Wing) will
>be aired on Cartoon Channel starting March 6, weekdays at 5:30 after DBZ.
>What's more the weekday version will be EDITED for violence and such but CC
>will also air UNEDITED version on Saturdays at 12 midnight for one hour (2
>episodes). And the best part is that the entire run of the series will also
>include the OVA episodes so we'll get the whole shebang for all formats.
>The only other DVD news that I caught during the Q&A (I couldn't hear the
>questions) was that Escaflowne DVD MIGHT come out on June or July with
>English dub included.
>Well, that's all I can remember for now. I'm sure others will follow up on
>this with further details.
>Well, it would appear that Bandai is doing the right way of editing
>content... Dub the unedit first, then edit it down for content. This way
>when you release it on VHS & DVD, it's much easier to reassemble the
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